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150x150StarsWe are U.S. Challenge Coins. A global challenge coin company that also trades in embroidery patches, lapel pins, key chains, and much much more. No other challenge coin company on the Internet today has the network like we do. The quality of our coins are unmatched as we source from the top manufacturers in the world. A s a whole we are a collaboration of what the industry, hobby, and enthusiasts wants and wishes for in the ultimate destination for this niche.

What we are…We are compromised of civilian and active military members dedicated to serving our the men and women who serve our country. We are dedicated, meticulous, proud and ready. With a team of professionals that we built the company on you simply can’t go wrong.

What we do… We deliver only the best products, the top collectible items, the most depth information, and the overall most bang for you buck. We make some serious challenge coins, some breath taking embroidery patches, and the top of the line products from all areas. We do this each day and night to keep the machine running. We started small and now we service thousands of companies all across the globe.

Why choose us…Customers choose us for our reputation. They choose us because of what we bring to the table. Overall, people try us from word of mouth and then become customers for life. We are proud of our reputation. We believe the numbers and the facts stand for themselves. You get talk on other sites, but here at U.S. Challenge Coins you get the facts and a great end result. Take a look around the site and we think you will have an easy choice on where to get your goods.

What they say about us…Our customers say awesome things, The competition hates us. The collectors say this is the only place to get serious coins. The White House and The Pentagon say we are the new guys that will be around for a long time. The New York State Police say this is the only company doing their coins. NL CPOA says Damn, We will be back in a few weeks for more. Sub Base New London says the are moving from their former factory to us. Everyone is virtually saying the same thing. Frankly, We couldn’t be happier.